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Client Cases

Client Cases

Client Cases

ValueKnowledge LLC maintains strict standards of client confidentiality. ValueKnowledge LLC does not release the names of our clients or other client information, unless required to by regulatory bodies, or as authorized or requested by our clients.

Our team has extensive and specialized knowledge across many industries including building products, consumer, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, mining, packaging, private equity, plastics, services, and technology. Our clients and engagements are varied. Clients are encouraged to contact us directly for engagement inquiries.

Client authorized examples of recent engagements include:

Financial reporting

  • Business combination (ASC 805) valuation of inventory, fixed assets, real estate, and intangible assets for a food and beverage related company.
  • Goodwill impairment (ASC 350) testing for a company operating in the food and beverage industry.
  • Long-lived asset impairment (ASC 360) testing for a company operating in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Tax reporting

  • Valuation of a Stage 3 Development Company for Internal Revenue Service code section 409(A), Cheap Stock Purposes.

Other advisory

  • Valuation leading to testimony in federal court regarding the value of a manufacturer of industrial machinery for determination of the valuation aspects of a fraudulent conveyance issue.